We offer exceptional international consultancy services to the public, private and third sectors

We offer exceptional international consultancy services to the public, private and third sectors

Our international network of intelligence, law enforcement, military and government professionals enables us to provide exceptional consultancy services to the public, private and third sectors.

Founded in 2011, our mission is to keep those striving to make the world a better place safe and informed. We provide groundbreaking intelligence, security and training services to aid agencies, human rights groups, peacebuilding organisations and concerned citizens. We do this so that a stronger civil society can promote alternatives to armed conflict, protect human rights and safeguard the environment.

Open Briefing provided an invaluable service to us, conducting high-quality research in an extremely tight timeframe and with a limited budget. The unique and wide-ranging pool of expertise available ensured that our very specific requests were met with the utmost precision.” Caroline Donnellan, manager, Remote Control project


Our international network of experts and analysts enables us to provide unique research and advisory services, including intelligence analysis, issue monitoring and travel and political risk advice. Read more


The former military, intelligence and law enforcement professionals in our security unit and trusted partner companies are able to provide appropriate security for aid workers, human rights defenders, journalists, activists and other civil society actors working in high-risk or hostile environments. Read more


Our team contains a wealth of experience and expertise meaning we are able to offer training in a wide range of issues and give clients the skills needed to keep themselves safe. Read more

We also offer a range of support services, including translation, research assistance and editing.

Open Briefing has proved hugely useful to Crisis Action and our partners time and again. Their high-quality analysis helps us focus our energies on where we can have the greatest impact for the protection of civilians in conflict. The value of that contribution cannot be over-estimated.”
Nick Martlew, UK director, Crisis Action

Our consultancy is a social enterprise, with all profits used to support our own core peace and security work, including offering subsidised or occasional pro bono consultancy work for non-profits on limited budgets. All the activities of our consultancy are guided by our ethical and environmental policies.

Please contact us to discuss your specific consultancy needs.


We urgently need to raise funds if we are to continue our work
to promote informed debate and protect human rights.

Open Briefing is a nonprofit social enterprise. All our analysts are volunteers, and we are funded by charitable grants and individual donations.

We are your intelligence agency, and we need your help. A donation of just £10/$10/€10 would make a real difference. Thank you!
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