Intelligence unit

Our unique intelligence unit provides impartial intelligence and security briefings

Our unique intelligence unit provides impartial intelligence and security briefings

Open Briefing exists in order to ensure that it is not only those with power and money who have access to credible and corroborated information on defence, security and foreign policy issues; every citizen should have that information.

This is the core mandate of our unique intelligence unit, which is organised around 11 intelligence desks.

The activity of these desks is driven by an adapted intelligence cycle: a process of direction, planning, collection, processing, analysis and dissemination. In this closed circuit, intelligence requirements are generated by an international network of experts and civil society organisations and, at the end of the cycle, they provide feedback and issue new or revised requirements if appropriate.

We can also provide intelligence in support of emergency response, as well as produce ad hoc pieces of analysis and maintain several watching briefs on potential conflicts.

Outside of this process, the majority of our work is in response to the events and issues that the collective experience and expertise of our team of intelligence, law enforcement, military and government professionals suggests warrant attention from Open Briefing.

Issues of security and defence are often the least transparent to the public. Open Briefing is an important contribution to ensuring democratic oversight of governments and armies.”
John Feffer, Co-director, Foreign Policy in Focus

This approach allows us to meet the specific needs and priorities of a diverse section of civil society. It makes Open Briefing unique in the peace and security sector: a true civil society intelligence agency.

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