Intelligence desks

OOur unique intelligence unit consists of 11 intelligence desks

Our unique intelligence unit consists of 11 intelligence desks

The intelligence unit at Open Briefing consists of 11 intelligence desks, each covered by several contributing analysts and associate researchers.

The unit is organised around six regional desks:

These are complemented by five crosscutting issue desks:

Two types of item are filed by our desks: original analysis from Open Briefing and open source intelligence material from other reliable sources. Open Briefing contributing analysts and associate researchers constantly monitor issues of importance to their particular regional or issue desks, reviewing hundreds of items of open source intelligence each week. The vast majority of this information is not filed by our analysts, but when corroborated material from other reliable sources fulfils our current intelligence requirements, it is assessed and submitted for further review and, if suitable, filed under the relevant desk alongside our own analysis.

These items are assessed using our RC(C) Evaluation System, a simple alphanumeric notation system for coding the reliability of a source, R, the credibility of the information, C, and the confidence in that assessment, (C).


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