Gaming the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty

  • Author: Kevjn Lim
  • Published: 10 October 2014

In this article, Open Briefing analyst Kevjn Lim reviews the strengths of the existing Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and its executive arm, the International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as the flaws that have attended the pageant of past proliferation crises. Beyond this, in order to strengthen the NPT and the IAEA in the longer run, Lim argues for seven areas that the non-proliferation regime needs to take into account. Read more

A witching hour deal and the morning after: The Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal

  • Author: Kevjn Lim
  • Published: 3 December 2013
  • One response

The nuclear deal inked in Geneva between Iran and the P5+1 in the early hours of 24 November momentarily closed the curtains on a decade of painful suspense. In this article, Open Briefing contributing analyst Kevjn Lim disassembles the agreement and assesses its implications for Iran and the wider region. Read more

Do unto others: Toward a defensible nuclear doctrine

  • Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Filed: 15 April 2013

The debate surrounding US nuclear policy focuses too narrowly on reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the American arsenal toward zero. More important is preventing the use of nuclear weapons in whatever numbers they exist. Read more

What does North Korea’s warhead test tell us about its nuclear capabilities?

  • Source: Royal United Services Institute
  • Filed: 13 February 2013

Seismic signals detected around the world indicate that North Korea has successfully conducted its third nuclear test, and taken a step towards a more potent nuclear deterrent. But without more information, it is very hard to say just how big this step is. Read more

North Korea sends nuclear message, capability unclear

  • Source: Reuters
  • Filed: 12 February 2013

North Korea’s nuclear test may be aimed at showing its foes it can deliver a missile with a warhead but it is still a long way from being able to threaten the United States with an ICBM, meaning there is still time to halt and reverse current trends. Read more

Intelligence brief: Recent nuclear-related developments at the Parchin military complex, Iran

  • Source: Open Briefing
  • Filed: 12 December 2012

Open Briefing: Recent developments at Iran’s Parchin military complex centre on apparent sanitisation and landscaping efforts around a suspected explosives chamber, which suggest it is highly likely any nuclear-related activities at PMC have been suspended.
Read more

Mapping future nuclear power developments

  • Source: Recorded Future
  • Filed: 10 December 2012

Whether it’s construction or shutting down a facility, Recorded Future has been used to aggregate and plot planned nuclear power developments around the globe during the next five years. The results are displayed in a live visualisation. Read more

Myanmar safeguards move could address nuke fears

  • Source: Global Security Newswire/Nuclear Threat Initiative
  • Filed: 22 November 2012

Burma’s apparent readiness to allow greater scrutiny by the International Atomic Energy Agency could serve to address concerns that the country has operated a nuclear weapons programme with assistance from North Korea. Read more


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