Blowback: The failure of remote-control warfare

  • Author: Chris Abbott
  • Published: 4 February 2015

It all seemed so convenient: remote-control warfare would minimise military casualties while rendering the civilian dead invisible. But in this article co-published with openDemocracy, Open Briefing’s executive director, Chris Abbott, explains how the battlefield has come home and remote-control warfare is failing. Read more

Terrorist use of drones presents major potential threat to key sites and personnel in West

  • Source: Blog
  • Filed: 30 January 2015

The recent crash-landing of a small drone in the White House grounds has highlighted the risk posed by terrorists operating unmanned aerial vehicles fitted with remotely-control explosive devices. Such platforms could be used to target nuclear power plants, government or military infrastructure, tourist sites and high-value targets, such as politicians. Read more

Education and violent extremism in Nigeria

  • Author: Gustavo Plácido dos Santos
  • Published: 30 October 2013
  • 2 responses

In this article co-published with openDemocracy, Gustavo Plácido dos Santos asks whether in a context of poor school attendance among Muslims in northern Nigeria is the almajiri system favoured by Boko Haram compatible with a peacebuilding project for the country? Read more

The weekly briefing, 21 October 2013

  • Source: Open Briefing
  • Filed: 21 October 2013

Political and security risk updates from the Open Briefing intelligence desks. Includes Al-Shabaab’s video threat against British Muslim leaders and the string of bombings that threatens Burma’s reformist efforts. Read more

Risk updates, 19 August 2013: Ecuador, Lebanon, Egypt…

  • Source: AKE
  • Filed: 20 August 2013

Risk updates and forecasts. Includes the risk of protests in Ecuador against the controversial decision to begin granting licences for oil drilling in a pristine area of Amazon rainforest national park and the deaths of 24 Egyptian policemen in an ambush by militants in the North Sinai governorate. Read more

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s messaging focus for 2013

  • Source: IntelCenter
  • Filed: 7 August 2013

Analysis of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s messaging focus for 2013 indicates the United States, Yemen and France, in that order, are their greatest focus. Mali is fourth and Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom are tied fifth. Read more

Risk updates, 5 August 2013: Honduras, Nigeria, Zimbabwe…

  • Source: AKE
  • Filed: 6 August 2013

Risk updates and forecasts. Includes the closure of US embassies across the Middle East, South Asia and parts of Africa following intelligence indicating a forthcoming al-Qaeda attack and the contested victory of President Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party in Zimbabwe’s elections. Read more

Zaynab’s guardians: The emergence of Shi`a militias in Syria

  • Source: Combating Terrorism Center at West Point
  • Filed: 26 July 2013

The emergence of Twelver Shia foreign militias operating with Syrian government forces, together with the recent public admission by Lebanese Hezbollah that it is also operating alongside them, is the latest in the increasing sectarianisation of Syria’s civil war. Read more


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