Winning Mexico’s drug war

  • Source: Wikistrat
  • Filed: 1 July 2013
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Over much of the last decade, Mexican drug cartels have conglomerated and made moves to challenge the central government (and each other) for control over territory and drug markets. But a confrontational, military-led crackdown on the cartels is unlikely to be successful. Read more

Information regarding the devices likely used in Boston Marathon explosions

  • Source: Department of Homeland Security and FBI
  • Filed: 30 April 2013

This Joint Intelligence Bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI provides information on the devices used in the 15 April 2013 Boston Marathon explosions. Read more

Iran: Expanding its sphere of influence in Latin America

  • Source: Southern Pulse
  • Filed: 13 February 2013

Iran is successfully currying favour in an expanded audience in Latin America – particularly in non-ALBA states – enabling it to develop crucial economic ties and evade the consequences of the US/EU embargo. Read more

Mexico’s drug war: Persisting violence and a new president

  • Source: Stratfor
  • Filed: 17 January 2013

Murders and other violent activity in Mexico linked to cartels did not increase in 2012, ending a trend of increasing annual homicides since 2006. But the drop does not indicate any significant shift toward peace among Mexican cartels.
Read more

Identifying three trends in far right violence in the United States

  • Source: Combating Terrorism Center at West Point
  • Filed: 2 October 2012
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Many of the responses to far-right violence in the United States reflect common misconceptions and deficiencies that dominate the popular discourse about the American far right, including an inability to distinguish between its different components. Read more

The foreign policy divide

  • Source: EastWest Institute
  • Filed: 3 September 2012

Speeches, interviews and public documents reveal the positions Republican candidate Mitt Romney has taken on some major foreign policy issues in order to distinguish himself from President Obama in the US presidential election campaign. Read more

Networked intelligence, 22 August 2012

  • Source: Southern Pulse
  • Filed: 23 August 2012
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Security, political and business risk updates for Latin America. Includes the destruction of a clandestine arms factory in Quito by Ecuador’s elite National Police Unit for Combating Organized Crime and the ongoing student protests in Chile. Read more

Islamic terrorism and organised crime in Latin America

  • Source: InSight Crime
  • Filed: 14 August 2012
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Islamic militant and terrorist groups do not seem to have an active presence in Latin America, but the possiblity that they could develop strategic links with drug trafficking organisations poses a serious threat to security in the hemisphere. Read more