Transnational organised crime monthly briefing, December 2014: Spotlight on the Americas

  • Source: Intelligence unit
  • Filed: 18 December 2014

The first in a new series of monthly intelligence briefings on transnational organised crime from Dr Mary Young. This month’s spotlight on the Americas includes details of a drug smuggling trial of four French citizens that highlights corruption and human rights abuses in Dominican Republic’s judiciary. Read more

Negotiations between FARC and Colombian government likely to continue following release of kidnapped general

  • Source: Blog
  • Filed: 4 December 2014

The willingness of FARC to quickly resolve the recent kidnapping of a Colombian general highlights their enduring commitment to the success of the ongoing peace talks. Colombians are sharply divided between those who are willing to forgive FARC for their crimes and those who demand justice. Despite this, it is likely that the contentious issue of the political future for the guerrillas will be successfully tackled in the not too distant future. Read more

Illegally mined Peruvian gold increasingly exported through Bolivia

  • Source: Blog
  • Filed: 4 December 2014
  • One response

The proliferation of smuggling routes through Bolivia underscores the difficulty national authorities face in controlling the expansion of the illegal gold market, which has surged in the past decade due to a global rise in gold prices. The lucrative trade in illegally-mined gold involves international criminal organisations from various countries. It creates the need for further collaboration between states in matters of border security and money laundering. Read more

Mexico’s president running out of options to address crises in states affected by drug cartels

  • Source: Blog
  • Filed: 4 December 2014

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s is coming under increasing fire for the country’s dreadful human rights record and lack of respect for the rule of law. The crisis in Guerrero state has once again revealed the malfunction of local government in Mexico. The issues of rampant insecurity and the lack of rule of law in the country are structural, and relate as much to a perverse political culture as to the absence of an appropriate legal framework. Read more

Winning Mexico’s drug war

  • Source: Wikistrat
  • Filed: 1 July 2013
  • One response

Over much of the last decade, Mexican drug cartels have conglomerated and made moves to challenge the central government (and each other) for control over territory and drug markets. But a confrontational, military-led crackdown on the cartels is unlikely to be successful. Read more

Information regarding the devices likely used in Boston Marathon explosions

  • Source: Department of Homeland Security and FBI
  • Filed: 30 April 2013

This Joint Intelligence Bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI provides information on the devices used in the 15 April 2013 Boston Marathon explosions. Read more

Iran: Expanding its sphere of influence in Latin America

  • Source: Southern Pulse
  • Filed: 13 February 2013

Iran is successfully currying favour in an expanded audience in Latin America – particularly in non-ALBA states – enabling it to develop crucial economic ties and evade the consequences of the US/EU embargo. Read more

Mexico’s drug war: Persisting violence and a new president

  • Source: Stratfor
  • Filed: 17 January 2013

Murders and other violent activity in Mexico linked to cartels did not increase in 2012, ending a trend of increasing annual homicides since 2006. But the drop does not indicate any significant shift toward peace among Mexican cartels.
Read more


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