India: Jostling for geopolitical control in Afghanistan

  • Author: Shazad Ali
  • Published: 27 March 2014

In this article co-published with openDemocracy, Open Briefing contributing analyst Shazad Ali argues that the international community has somewhat ignored India’s role in Afghanistan’s future, which, in fact, will be pivotal as US forces drawdown in the country by the end of the year. Read more

The Papua New Guinea solution: Competitive cruelty and strategic folly

  • Source: Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability
  • Filed: 7 August 2013

Kevin Rudd’s announcement that asylum seekers arriving by sea will be detained in Papua New Guinea and never settled in Australia may be politicking of the worse kind but it is also likely to undermine the already limited chances of sustainable peace in Papua New Guinea. Read more

Preventing water wars in South Asia

  • Source: Chatham House, The World Today
  • Filed: 5 August 2013

Rivers cross borders and reducing their flow raises tensions and costs lives. Disputes over water threaten to aggravate tensions in South Asia, in particular, for years to come. Multilateral cooperation is becoming vital. Read more

The military’s still in charge: Why reform in Burma is only skin-deep

  • Source: Foreign Policy
  • Filed: 23 July 2013

Former Burmese military leader Than Shwe is reportedly not in good health; it remains to be seen if the power structure he created will survive him. There will be more power struggles within the ruling military elite. It is there – and not in the parliament or even the government – that the future of Burma lies. Read more

Corruption within the pharmaceutical supply chain to the developing world

  • Author: Scott Hickie
  • Published: 1 July 2013

Open Briefing: Pharmaceutical and health sector corruption is financially costly and poses a significant threat to public safety. Recognising the importance of these issues, in May 2013 Savannah Wisdom contracted Open Briefing to undertake a related scoping exercise. Read more

Transnational organised crime in East Asia and the Pacific: A threat assessment

  • Source: UN Office on Drugs and Crime
  • Filed: 17 April 2013

East Asia and the Pacific has experienced rapid economic and social changes during the past few decades, which have created considerable regulation challenges. Criminal enterprises have developed alongside legitimate commerce, creating contraband markets valued at approximately $90 billion. Read more

North Korea sends nuclear message, capability unclear

  • Source: Reuters
  • Filed: 12 February 2013

North Korea’s nuclear test may be aimed at showing its foes it can deliver a missile with a warhead but it is still a long way from being able to threaten the United States with an ICBM, meaning there is still time to halt and reverse current trends. Read more

Super Typhoon Bopha shows why developing countries are most vulnerable to climate change

  • Source: New Security Beat
  • Filed: 30 January 2013
  • 2 responses

Typhoon Bopha hit the Philippines on 4 December 2012 with winds topping 175 mph. Over 1,000 people were killed and many more displaced – weeks afterwards, 300,000 were still homeless. A host of other factors worsened the impact of the storm. Read more