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Title Author Date Type
Grand strategic adjustments in post-revolutionary Iran Kevjn Lim 19 September 2016 Book
Iran’s Shanghai dream Kevjn Lim 27 July 2016
The United Kingdom needs the EU, not NATO, to ensure its security Chris Abbott and Matthew Clarke 7 June 2016 Briefing
How to respond to the threat from hostile drones in the UK Chris Abbott and Matthew Clarke 14 March 2016 Article
Rouhani’s moment of truth Kevjn Lim 20 January 2016 Article
Hostile drones: Supplementary risk assessment Chris Abbott, Matthew Clarke, Steve Hathorn and Scott Hickie 12 January 2016 Briefing
Hostile drones: The hostile use of drones by non-state actors against British targets Chris Abbott, Matthew Clarke, Steve Hathorn and Scott Hickie 11 January 2016 Briefing
Parsing Iran’s grand strategy Kevjn Lim 17 November 2015 Article
Big data and strategic intelligence Kevjn Lim 7 July 2015 Article
Iran seen from Beijing Kevjn Lim 16 June 2015 Article
National security decision-making in Iran Kevjn Lim 11 June 2015 Article
Securing change: Recommendations for the British government regarding remote-control warfare Chris Abbott, Scott Hickie, Steve Hathorn and Raphaël Zaffran 4 June 2015 Briefing
Bibi’s upset comeback Kevjn Lim 20 March 2015 Article
Blowback: The failure of remote-control warfare Chris Abbott 4 February 2015 Article
Why the EU wants Pakistan to condemn Russia. (And why it probably won’t.) Shazad Ali 23 January 2015 Article
Kobane, and the failure of Turkey’s Kurdish policy Arman Baisuanov 18 November 2014 Article
A complex transition to power is in the making in Burkina Faso Gustavo Plácido dos Santos 7 November 2014 Article
Stalled hope? The resource conflict risk to Myanmar’s political and economic transition Scott Hickie 3 November 2014 Briefing
Strategic Order of Battle: Russian Airborne Forces Rob O'Gorman 24 October 2014 Book
Iran: The Ayatollah succession question Kevjn Lim 14 October 2014 Article
Trends in remote-control warfare: March-September 2014 Scott Hickie, Chris Abbott and Raphaël Zaffran 13 October 2014 Briefing
Gaming the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Kevjn Lim 10 October 2014 Article
India: Jostling for geopolitical control in Afghanistan Shazad Ali 27 March 2014 Article
How Israel should approach Iran’s nuclear programme Kevjn Lim 20 March 2014 Article
Southern Africa: Forecasts for insecurity and conflict in 2014 Nick Branson 28 February 2014 Briefing
Central Africa: Forecasts for insecurity and conflict in 2014 Nick Branson 20 February 2014 Briefing
West Africa: Forecasts for insecurity and conflict in 2014 Gustavo Plácido dos Santos 14 February 2014 Briefing
Key international developments for 2014 31 January 2014 Briefing
A witching hour deal and the morning after: The Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal Kevjn Lim 3 December 2013 Article
Education and violent extremism in Nigeria Gustavo Plácido dos Santos 30 October 2013 Article
US drone strikes in Pakistan: Ineffective and illegitimate Shazad Ali and Chris Abbott 24 October 2013 Article
Remote control war: Unmanned combat air vehicles in China, India, Iran, Israel, Russia and Turkey Rob O'Gorman and Chris Abbott 20 September 2013 Briefing
Corruption within the pharmaceutical supply chain to the developing world Scott Hickie 1 July 2013 Briefing
Fire on ice: Russia’s new Arctic brigades Rob O'Gorman 21 June 2013 Briefing
What Rouhani may mean for Iranians Kevjn Lim 17 June 2013 Article
Iran’s outreach to Afghanistan and Tajikistan faces obstacles Kevjn Lim 5 June 2013 Article
Untangling Egypt’s web of political and economic challenges Marc van Oudheusden and Scott Hickie 23 May 2013 Article
Seizing the initiative: Israel’s strategic environment and the need for assertive diplomacy Kevjn Lim 10 April 2013 Briefing
Scoping exercise: Special forces Open Briefing 9 April 2013 Briefing
Scoping exercise: Private military and security companies Open Briefing 9 April 2013 Briefing
Israel votes, and surprises Kevjn Lim 23 January 2013 Article
A perfect storm over Syria Martin Quadroy 11 January 2013 Article
Dossier: Economic crisis and political instability in Sudan Scott Hickie 19 December 2012 Dossier
No ordinary trial by fire for Israel Kevjn Lim 20 November 2012 Article
Dossier: Domestic drivers of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands confrontation Scott Hickie and Kirthi Jayakumar 24 October 2012 Dossier
Pakistan’s disappearing Hindus Maitreya Buddha Samantaray 22 October 2012 Article
Looking at Afghanistan beyond 2014 Maitreya Buddha Samantaray 16 October 2012 Article
The Sinai Peninsula: Egypt’s Waziristan? Marc Van Oudheusden 11 October 2012 Article
Making sense of political-related violence in Kenya Lawrence Gitonga Mwongera 14 September 2012 Article
The burden of peace in the Taiwan Strait Martin Quadroy 31 August 2012 Article
Taking stock in Somalia Lawrence Gitonga Mwongera 30 August 2012 Article
Dossier: The prospects for peace in Thailand’s deep south Scott Hickie 21 August 2012 Dossier
Iran’s secret weapon Kevjn Lim 9 August 2012 Article
What now for the Philippines’ Communist insurgency? Maitreya Buddha Samantaray 31 July 2012 Article
Dossier: Iran, Israel and the consequences of military strikes Kevjn Lim 28 June 2012 Dossier
Tehran’s man in Baghdad Kevjn Lim 8 June 2012 Article
21 speeches that shaped our world: The people and ideas that changed the way we think Chris Abbott 7 June 2012 Book
Dossier: China, the Philippines and the Scarborough Shoal Scott Hickie 21 May 2012 Dossier
Israel’s reluctant friend Kevjn Lim 12 May 2012 Article
Let Iran save face Kevjn Lim 21 April 2012 Article
Kadima: Not yet another centrist casualty Kevjn Lim 11 April 2012 Article
Rehabilitating the war on drugs: Central America and the legalisation debate Chris Abbott and Joel Vargas 4 April 2012 Briefing
Iranian parliamentary elections indicator of regime’s and Supreme Leader’s mounting anxieties Kevjn Lim 15 March 2012 Article
Dossier: Eta announces definitive cessation of armed activity Chris Abbott 20 October 2011 Dossier
Viewed through an ism Chris Abbott 1 July 2011 Article
As the dust settles: Avoiding the mistakes of Oslo and Utøya in future media coverage of suspected terrorist attacks Chris Abbott 5 August 2011 Briefing

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