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Charitable nature of our work

Refugee camp

Open Briefing is a certified social enterprise (No. 9489) and registered company limited by guarantee (No. 07649656). Our articles of association include a non-profit clause and an asset lock and there are no shareholders.

We pursue charitable purposes that fulfil the public benefit requirement set out by the Charity Commission and align with the ‘advancement of human rights’ charitable purpose set out in the Charities Act 2011.

In the United Kingdom, charitable foundations are able to support our work under guidance issued by the Charity Commission in October 2017, which makes it clear that:

“A charity can grant fund the support costs of activities, services or outcomes delivered by another organisation that is not a charity…”
Charity Commission, 2017

Open Briefing is a values-based organisation. These values are set out in our ethical policy, which also prohibits us from projects, partners, clients or sources of funding that would threaten our integrity or independence.

For the above reasons, Oak Foundation, the Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation, the Marmot Charitable Trust, and the Philamonic Trust, among others, have treated Open Briefing’s work as charitable in nature.

In the United States, Ford Foundation and National Endowment for Democracy have assessed Open Briefing to be the equivalent of a US tax-exempt organisation.


Open Briefing is a certified social enterprise and a member of
the International NGO Safety and Security Association and CIVICUS