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Vivian Zúñiga

Vivian Zúñiga
Digital security consultant

Vivian Zúñiga is digital security consultant at Open Briefing. She is a passionate and well-known digital rights activist, who in recent years has been training human rights defenders in privacy, the safe use of technology, communications, and internet governance. She is also part of the Cybersecurity Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Communications in Costa Rica. Vivian was awarded an Open Technology Fund fellowship in 2018 to help social organisations in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica manage sensitive information and communicate effectively and securely. She was an active member of the Sulá Batsú cooperative for 13 years until 2019, where she worked on logistics, project execution, and digital training with different populations in Central America, including women, journalists, indigenous peoples, community leaders, and entrepreneurs. Vivian was also a member of the advisory committee of the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) until 2020.

Open Briefing is a certified social enterprise and a member of
the CIVICUS global civil society alliance and the Vuka! coalition