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Open Briefing understands the cyber security threats that NGOs face and the internal vulnerabilities and lack of resources that place them at risk in today’s interconnected world.

We provide cyber security audits, innovative online training and one-, three- and five-day courses to help NGOs mitigate cyber security risks in a cost-effective manner.

While we place great importance on securing networks and ensuring that the best tools and technologies are used, we also understand that changing human behaviour is the best way to ensure an organisation’s cyber security.┬áIn cyber security, the chain is only as strong as the weakest link, which is usually found between the keyboard and the chair.

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Grants and subsidies may be available to help NGOs access our cyber security services.

Open Briefing is a CybSafe certified partner and a member of the Charities Security Forum and UK Cyber Security Forum. We are also a certified social enterprise.

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