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“When two of our Goldman Environmental Prize winners needed an immersion into digital security, Open Briefing organised valuable training sessions. The training was comprehensive and accessible, and our Prize winners have strengthened their security measures as a direct result.”
Myriah Cornwell, Program Officer, Goldman Environmental Prize

Open Briefing provides several different types of trainings to suit your budget and requirements, including one-day workshops, courses over two or more days and innovative online training.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking a training. Grants and subsidies may be available to help NGOs access our digital security services.

Workshops and courses

Open Briefing specialises in providing bespoke training to individuals and civil society groups who are threatened by criminals, corporations or governments because of the work that they do.

For example, our one-day digital security awareness workshop is ideal for those with little or no technical knowledge, and is adaptable to suit your organisation and the threat actors operating against you. The workshop includes briefings, a practical technical surgery and a final Q&A session. Students will finish the day with an understanding of the capabilities, motivations and targets of various threat actors, the methodologies that they employ, and how best to mitigate against them and ensure their digital security.

Another example is our insider threat management course. In addition to external attacks, NGOs and other social change agents risk infiltration by government or corporate interests engaged in intelligence gathering or sabotage. Commercially-available responses to such ‘insider threats’ focus too heavily on monitoring staff members’ communications and activities. Our three-day insider threat management course is instead designed to help IT, HR, legal and security teams to develop appropriate and effective risk management programmes that do not place all staff under unwarranted suspicion.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs.

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Online training

CybSafe is a cost-effective cloud-based training platform that helps organisations and individuals improve their digital security behaviour and reduce their cyber risk. Open Briefing is a CybSafe certified partner, which enables us to provide our clients with discounted licenses for this innovative platform.

CybSafe is unique. It is the only accredited learning software that fuses cyber security awareness training with human behaviour change analytics and online threat intelligence. CybSafe drives real and lasting change in the digital security culture of your staff and organisation.

Students can complete the training at their own pace, or be guided through a module a day. Each user will receive a CybSafe Certificate of Compliance when they successfully complete the course.

Licenses cost just £26.89 plus VAT per person with Open Briefing. Each license includes an initial assessment and a 12-month subscription to all the training modules. Administrators will also be able to access detailed analytics and reports to help them track progress across their organisation and visualise their cyber vulnerability.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing licenses for the CybSafe platform.

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