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“Open Briefing provides clear analysis and intelligence that can add real value to the work of civil society networks.”
Mariam Kemple
Head of Campaigns, Refugee Action

Our intelligence expertise allows us to offer bespoke consultancy services to other organisations. This ensures that their work is evidence-based and data-driven. In particular, we respond to specific requests for intelligence to support research programmes or advocacy strategies. We can also provide white label publications for our clients to publish under their own branding and develop defence, security and foreign policy recommendations for our clients to use in their advocacy work.

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As part of our security risk management, we are also able to complete project, programme, country, regional and global risk assessments and provide ongoing threat monitoring and risk alerts. These clearly identify and quantify the level of risk from different street-level crime, organised crime, corruption, civil unrest, political violence and health issues as well as from any threats specific to the organisation or individuals involved. 

Public intelligence service

Representative democracy depends on the ability of citizens to know what is being done by governments in our name. The manipulation of intelligence on Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction in 2003. The US embassy cables and other material leaked by Chelsea Manning to Wikileaks in 2011. The true nature and scope of the mass surveillance employed by the United States, the United Kingdom and their allies as revealed by Edward Snowden from 2013 onwards. The extrajudicial kidnapping, rendition, torture and long-term detention of suspects to black sites and repressive regimes by many ‘democratic’ governments in recent decades. Such events have made it clear that only an aware and informed citizenry can ensure the proper meshing of intelligence and political or military action by governments. This is even more important now that politics – particularly in the United States and United Kingdom – has entered what appears to be a post-factual state.

If knowledge is power, why should only the privileged few in governments and multinational corporations have access to credible information about what is happening in the world? In addition to our consultancy work, Open Briefing’s intelligence unit delivers a public open source intelligence service so that all citizens can know what is really going on in the world. We also support independent media, citizen journalists (blogs and social media) and freelance and investigative journalists to provide a public accounting of the facts and expose corruption and criminal behaviour in the political arena.

The Open Briefing intelligence unit is organised around six regional desks: Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa and Polar regions. These desks produce a weekly political and security risk update, which is made freely available on our website and emailed to subscribers to our weekly bulletin.