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Intelligence and research

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“Open Briefing’s high-quality analysis helps us focus our energies on where we can have the greatest impact for the protection of civilians in conflict. The value of that contribution cannot be over-estimated.”
Nick Martlew, UK director, Crisis Action

Our intelligence and research programme supports civil society organisations’ critical decision-making and enhances campaigns and projects through the provision of actionable intelligence and high-quality research.

This is Open Briefing’s longest-running programme. Since 2011, it has responded to numerous requests from NGOs for intelligence assessments on issues ranging from the use of ‘barrel bombs’ by the Syrian government to corruption within the pharmaceutical supply chain to the global south.

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Until 2018, our team also produced widely-reported original research, particularly in relation to armed drones and the other elements of ‘remote warfare’. These are available in our publications archive.

Open Briefing is an organisational member of the Association of Crime & Intelligence Analysts (ACIA).


Open Briefing is a certified social enterprise and a member of
the International NGO Safety and Security Association and CIVICUS