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Research and intelligence support

“Open Briefing has proved hugely useful to Crisis Action and our partners time and again. Their high-quality analysis helps us focus our energies on where we can have the greatest impact for the protection of civilians in conflict. The value of that contribution cannot be over-estimated.”
Nick Martlew, UK director, Crisis Action

Open Briefing provides research and intelligence support to our clients’ projects, programmes and campaigns. We do this by responding to specific intelligence requests, which usually take the form of one or more questions that the organisation needs answers to.

We can also produce white label publications for our clients to publish under their own branding, and develop defence, security and foreign policy recommendations for our clients to use in their advocacy work. In special circumstances, we can second analysts or researchers for short-term contracts to provide direct intelligence support to an organisation.

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Recent examples of this work include:

  • Ascertaining why the Syrian government has been using improvised ‘barrel bombs’ and identifying the countries of origin of the helicopters used to drop them.
  • Assessing Boko Haram’s arsenal and where those munitions are coming from, and proposing initiatives to reduce the flow of weapons to the group.
  • Monitoring ongoing developments in special forces, mercenaries, armed drones, mass surveillance and cyber conflict.
Intelligence requests£POA
White label publications£POA
Policy recommendations£POA
Analystsfrom £200 a day
Researchersfrom £150 a day

All prices are plus VAT and subject to change.

Please contact us for more information.

You can also read more about our consultancy work, including the grants and subsidies that may be available.