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Risk assessments

“Open Briefing’s risk assessment process was rigorous, but not onerous; its report was realistic, but not alarmist. It greatly informed our deliberations about our next steps. We were impressed with Open Briefing’s critical, cost effective and bespoke service.”
Adrian Arena, Director, International Human Rights Programme, Oak Foundation

The Open Briefing intelligence unit provides our clients with project, programme, country, regional and global risk assessments. We also produce travel risk briefings for our clients. These assessments are an important part of security risk management, as they clearly identify and quantify the level of risk from:

  • Street-level crime
  • Organised crime
  • Corruption
  • Civil unrest
  • Political violence
  • Health issues and medical care
  • Specific organisation, project, team or individual risks

Recent examples of this work include:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation measures for a programme director from the UK office of a Swiss foundation who was travelling to Russia to meet with human rights defenders.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation measures for a European team setting up a new international wildlife conservation programme in southern Africa.
  • Risk assessment and advice for the head office of an international NGO with an at-risk local staff member in East Africa.
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The large number of countries that we have carried out risk assessments for are shown on the map below.

Risk assessment map

Our assessments can be supplemented by ongoing threat monitoring and risk alerts, which are pushed to the client near real-time via email. Our analysts and security consultants also provide transport and warehousing risk advisory.

Risk assessments£POA
Travel risk briefings£POA
Threat monitoring and risk alerts£POA
Transport and warehousing risk advisory£POA

All prices are plus VAT and subject to change.

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