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GPS trackers

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NGOs are increasingly using GPS trackers to monitor the location and status of their staff in the field. When used correctly, trackers can help an organisation meet its duty of care obligations and provide staff in the field with a lifeline in the event of a security incident, such as a kidnapping. And in places where car-jackings and thefts are common, GPS trackers can help organisations track vehicles and other assets and assist in their recovery.

However, to work as intended, the right GPS tracker, secure tracking platform and monitoring and response must all be used together. If one side of this ‘tracking triangle’ is missing or inappropriate, then trackers will provide nothing more than the illusion of security.

The 'tracking triangle' consists of GPS trackers, a secure tracking platform and monitoring and response. If one side of the triangle is missing, GPS trackers will only provide NGOs with the illusion of security.Click To Tweet

There is a huge range of devices and platforms on the market. The key differences are how the device locates the user or asset and how it then communicates that location – and sometimes other information, such as short messages – to the tracking platform being used, which itself is another key consideration. 

For NGOs looking for a cost-effective and comprehensive solution the market can be baffling. Fortunately, Open Briefing can advise you on the right tracking solution for your needs and budget across all three sides of the tracking triangle. Our modular approach means that we can meet the tracking needs of the smallest human rights organisation or largest humanitarian aid agency.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and request a quote.

GPS trackers

GPS trackersWe currently provide four different personal trackers and two different vehicle trackers that work over GSM and/or the Iridium satellite network depending on your needs. One of the trackers is as small as a matchbox. NGOs can purchase all of our trackers for use by staff on multiple deployments or can rent a personal tracker from us in order to keep the costs down on short-term deployments. We also provide a smartphone tracking app. For a cost-effective solution in low-risk remote environments, we can also provide Personal Locator Beacons as a possible alternative.

Secure tracking platform

Vismo tracking platformWe partner with Vismo to provide our clients with access to an award-winning online tracking platform. Clients can use the secure Vismo online dashboard to track and locate employees and vehicles anywhere in the world. Users can send check-ins and panic alerts from their app or personal tracker to the platform. Administrators can then respond via SMS or email directly from the online dashboard. Administrators can also set clearly-defined geofenced areas that will trigger an alert if a user enters a high-risk area or leaves a safe area, for example. Vismo has several unique features plus best-in-class standard tracking features.

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Monitoring and response

24-hour operations centreWe partner with SI Risk to provide a 24-hour global security operations centre for those NGOs without the in-house capacity. Their expert security team can monitor the tracking platform and escalate panic alerts, broken geofences or missed check-ins to your crisis management team, insurance provider or search and rescue authorities as agreed. We can also provide high-risk medical and crisis response travel insurance from Tangiers Insurance to enhance your ability to respond in an emergency. Alternatively, we can work with you to develop your in-house capacity and create a robust crisis management plan.

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