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Travel threat assessments

Travel threat assessments

When travelling to higher-risk countries, NGO staff can face a multitude of safety, security and health threats. A ‘threat’ is someone or something in the operating environment that could cause harm or injury to your staff, assets or programme. Sometimes NGO staff are directly targeted; othertimes, staff are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Understanding the threat environment is an essential part of fulfilling duty of care and keeping staff safe while on deployment.

Open Briefing produces bespoke travel threat assessments for NGOs based on up-to-date intelligence from various subscription services, open sources and our on-the-ground contacts. These comprehensive briefings cover:

  • Political violence
  • Civil unrest
  • Kidnap
  • Crime
  • Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Medical
  • Fraud and corruption
  • International relations

We also include information on:

  • Local laws and customs
  • Consular and other emergency contacts
  • General security advice

Our analysts take the time to understand the purpose of the proposed trip and assess the profiles of the traveller and their employer. This allows us to better understand the internal vulnerabilities that will interact with these threats and create risk for the traveller.

Download an example travel threat assessment
Country: Central African Republic

We have recently produced travel threat assessments and security situation reports for:

  • Staff from a British NGO travelling to Russia to meet local journalists and campaigners.
  • A researcher from a US human rights organisation travelling to various locations in the Central African Republic.
  • A team from a Swiss foundation visiting anti-poaching initiatives in remote parts of Mozambique.
  • The offices of a US human rights organisation in Baghdad and Erbil in Iraq, Abuja and Maiduguri in Nigeria, and Kiev and Kramatorsk Ukraine.

Our threat briefings clearly detail the priority safety, security and health threats to the traveller that we have identified. The client can then use this list as the starting point for a security risk assessment using our free Security Risk Assessment Tool. Alternatively, our expert security risk management team can complete the risk assessment, and help you understand and mitigate the risks present in a particular deployment.

Please contact us to discuss your threat assessment needs. Grants and subsidies may be available to help NGOs access our security risk management services.

Open Briefing is a member of the International NGO Safety & Security Association, BOND and the Charities Security Forum. We are also a certified social enterprise.