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Family liaison

Family liaison

When a crisis occurs, it not only affects the staff involved, but their families as well. It essential during these times of crisis, that organisations support families with a family liaison officer. A family liaison officer will provide a link between the crisis management team and the family in order to fulfil the organisation’s duty of care obligations to the staff member and their family.

A strong relationship of trust between the organisation and the family can assist in resolving the crisis through a coordinated response and effective information management.

We support effective family liaison in a crisis through:

Family liaison training

Open Briefing provides family liaison capacity building through our one-day Family Liaison in Crisis training.

The training will enhance your organisation’s preparedness to respond to families during crises by providing you with:

  • A comprehensive overview of what the family liaison role is and the associated policies and procedures.
  • Principles and skills for managing a professional relationship with families in distress.

By the end of the day, you will have a set of policy standards and tools for activating the family liaison officer should a crisis occur.

Prior to the training, Open Briefly will work closely with you to contextualise the information and case studies to reflect the working environments and scenarios that you are most likely to face.

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Family liaison officer supervision

Should a crisis occur and your family liaison officer is activated, they will benefit from specialised supervision.

Open Briefing offers professional supervision to support the family liaison officer in their role, provides information and guidance on challenge situations, and offers self-care strategies for when working with families in distress.

Our family liaison supervisor, Karen Abbs, has been working with families in crisis for over 20 years. She has specialised training in trauma and extensive experience providing supervision. Karen has designed and delivered family liaison training for humanitarian, development and human rights organisations and draws on over 13 years of international experience.

This service costs £84+VAT per hour.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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