Open Briefing is based in the United Kingdom but has analysts and partners around the world (Photo: vintagedept/Flickr)

Open Briefing is based in the United Kingdom but has analysts and partners around the world (Photo: vintagedept/Flickr)

With its rational, thorough and transparent approach, Open Briefing has the potential to become an important corrective to often speculative media coverage.”
Magnus Nome, commissioning editor, openDemocracy

Open Briefing is the world’s first civil society intelligence agency.

Founded in 2011, our mission is to keep those striving to make the world a better place safe and informed. We provide groundbreaking intelligence and security services to aid agencies, human rights groups, peacebuilding organisations and concerned citizens. We do this so that a stronger civil society can promote alternatives to armed conflict, protect human rights and safeguard the environment.

Key services we provide include:

  • Responding to requests for intelligence or security from NGOs and journalists.
  • Issuing regular intelligence briefings and risk assessments for the general public.
  • Developing innovative policy solutions and promoting them to government.
  • Providing expert consultancy services to the third sector.

Open Briefing is a bold and ambitious nonprofit social enterprise. We are a unique international collaboration of intelligence, military, law enforcement and government professionals working tirelessly behind the scenes to make a difference.

We are challenging the status quo. We are your intelligence agency.

Issues of security and defence are often the least transparent to the public. Open Briefing is an important contribution to ensuring democratic oversight of governments and armies.”
John Feffer, Co-director, Foreign Policy in Focus

Our activity is divided into five interlinked departments:

Open Briefing is an excellent project with great possibilities for empowering the peace movement and wider civil society. It is typical of Chris Abbott that he should develop it. Moreover, he is one of those rare people who could take it forward and realise its considerable potential.”
Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies, University of Bradford

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Registered in England & Wales as a company limited by guarantee, No. 07649656.
DUNS number 21-729-0911.

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Open Briefing is a nonprofit social enterprise. All our analysts are volunteers, and we are funded by charitable grants and individual donations.

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