Open Briefing is a unique non-profit that provides human rights defenders and other civic actors at risk with mentoring, capacity building and multilingual resources to improve their safety and security, digital security, and wellbeing and resilience.

As a social enterprise, we also help charities, grantmakers, and social businesses understand and meet their risk management, duty of care, data protection, and safeguarding commitments to staff and local partners.

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Open Briefing prevents and responds to serious attacks on civil society and civic space around the world and works to create the conditions in which they no longer happen.

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We provide advice, capacity building and mentoring to at-risk defenders, collectives and civil society organisations in the global south.


We build multilingual tools, apps and guides to strengthen the individual and collective safety and resilience of civil society organisations and civic actors around the world.


We collaborate and advocate to defend civil society and protect civic space wherever it is threatened.


We provide bespoke consultancy, training and retained support to help charities, grantmakers and social businesses meet their duty of care, data protection and safeguarding commitments.