Community engagement

Stronger together

Collaboration and advocacy to defend civil society and protect civic space wherever it is threatened.

Networks and associations
We work with partners in the protection ecosystem and provide expert input into civil society coalitions. We are a voting member of CIVICUS. We sit on the steering committees of Building Responses Together and the Vuka! Coalition, and co-chair of the coalition’s tech action team. We are a member of the Alliance for Land, Indigenous and Environmental Defenders (ALLIED) and the security working group of the Defenders in Development campaign. We are a non-profit affiliate of the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF). 

Funder advocacy
We engage grantmakers on the safety and resilience of their grantees and civil society more widely. We advocate for the inclusion of security budget lines in grant applications and the importance of grantee wellbeing and foundations’ own information security. We help foundations prepare for and respond to attacks on their grantees.

We collaborate with partners in civil society and in the commercial and academic worlds. We are a referral partner for Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline and Cloudflare’s Project Galileo, the latter providing free website security to at-risk public interest groups. We are a member of the Association of Mental Health Providers.

“Open Briefing’s holistic approach to security has enabled Goldman Environmental Prize winners to continue their work. They go far beyond what is expected to provide excellent support. Open Briefing is a trusted partner that we depend on to support our most at-risk activists, organisations and partners.”

Goldman Environmental Foundation