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Khalil Sayyad Hilario

Khalil Sayyad Hilario
Security risk management consultant

Khalil Sayyad Hilario is a security risk management consultant at Open Briefing. Until 2014, he was the deputy logistics director for Médecins sans Frontières, where he previously served as cell operational logistics manager coordinating several countries, including Yemen, Nigeria, Mali, Chad, Colombia and Niger. Prior to that, he was the head of mission in Iraq and logistics coordinator in Sudan for Médecins du Monde. In the last six years, he has supported NGOs and aid agencies in South Sudan, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and the Balkans. Khalil is a skilled trainer and mentor, and has delivered trainings in security risk and critical incident management to over a thousand humanitarian workers and volunteers worldwide. He is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.


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