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Transnational organised crime monthly briefing, March 2015: Spotlight on Polar regions

Monthly intelligence briefing on transnational organised crime from Dr Mary Young. This month's spotlight on Polar regions highlights how transnational organised crime gangs are exploiting the Arctic's vast uninhabited areas and lack of dedicated police officers and criminal intelligence officers for human, drug and weapons trafficking and other illegal activities. It also discusses the US Coast Guard's evolving efforts to tackle such crimes in the Arctic.

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Intelligence brief: Russia forward deploys advanced MiG-31BM “Foxhound” interceptors to Arctic base on Novaya Zemlya Island

Open Briefing: Russia has forward deployed a squadron of MiG-31BM “Foxhounds” (a two-seat, long-range, supersonic, all-weather interceptor aircraft) to Rogachevo Arctic Airbase off the northern coast of Russia.

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