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New humanitarian security consultant joins Open Briefing

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Open Briefing is delighted to announce that Chris Cushing has joined us as our new humanitarian security consultant.

Chris CushingChris has 25 years’ experience in leading humanitarian action, human security strategies and high-level diplomatic initiatives for international aid organisations, the Red Cross, the United Nations, national governments, academia and the private sector in over 60 countries. He has directed emergency humanitarian operations in 17 wars and two disasters. He is a former officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and has experience with foreign intelligence agencies. Chris is currently an associate faculty member of the Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit at the University of York.

He will be helping us as we develop our new security unit, which will provide risk advisory, security and training to civil society clients working in high-risk environments, such as war zones and disaster areas, or under repressive regimes (more about this later!).

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