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Impact Report 2020

Open Briefing is a unique non-profit that provides human rights defenders and other civic actors at risk with mentoring, capacity building and multilingual resources to improve their safety and security, digital security, and wellbeing and resilience. As a social enterprise, we also help charities, grantmakers, and social businesses understand and meet their risk management, duty of care, data protection, and safeguarding commitments.

In 2020, our 10th anniversary year, we supported more defenders, collectives, and organisations than ever. Some of the highlights include:

  • We responded to 127 requests for support.
  • We provided 400 hours of mentoring and capacity building.
  • We trained 350 civic actors at risk during 40 workshops and other trainings.
  • We worked in or on 46 countries.

Crucially our support resulted in significant positive impacts for our beneficiaries, clients, and users around the world, including:

  • 17% increase in resilience.
  • 23% increase in capacity.
  • 4% decrease in self-reported risk.

Full details are in our new Impact Report 2020.

Opportunities for French-speaking counsellors at Open Briefing (remote)

Due to increased demand, we need to recruit an experienced French-speaking consultant counsellor or psychologist. You will be providing remote counselling and wellbeing trainings to human rights defenders and humanitarian aid workers living and working in some of the most challenging environments worldwide. You need to be a qualified, experienced, accredited and insured mental health professional with experience in the human rights or humanitarian sectors.

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v2.0 of the Defender’s Protocol is available now in 21 languages plus a new online handbook!

Open Briefing has today published an updated version of the Holistic Security Protocol for Human Rights Defenders. The new version of the Defender’s Protocol is available now in 21 languages. We have also published a Handbook to accompany the Defender’s Protocol. This offers extensive guidance, exercises and templates to help defenders implement the 21 holistic security measures in the Protocol and adapt them to their situation, work, and profile.

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Reflections and Christmas closing

As we near the end of 2020, it is time to reflect a little on our successes while recognising the hugely demanding year it has been for our team. We are all taking time to recoup and spend time with our friends and families over the holiday season. We will be closing the Open Briefing office and pausing operations for three weeks from 19 December to 10 January inclusive. Taking some time to rest will allow our team to continue to meet the massive demand for our support over the coming year. We hope that you get the opportunity to do the same. Happy holidays!

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