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6-11 August 2017: Hostile environment awareness training (HEAT/HEFAT)

Our flagship Personal Security in Hostile Environments (HEAT/HEFAT) course for NGO workers and journalists gives students the skills that they need to work safely and confidently in challenging situations and violent environments. Please register your interest now for a course running from 6 to 11 August in the United Kingdom.

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Open Briefing publishes its 2016-17 annual report

Over the last 12 months, Open Briefing has undertaken a diverse range of new activities in a short amount of time, which has required a considerable degree of internal organisational focus. We are proud that during this time we have managed to maintain the level of external activity that we have. We have now published our annual report for 2016-17, which outlines some of our key successes.

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New project on remote warfare against Boko Haram

The United States, France and other powers are quietly carrying out remote warfare in the form of drone operations and special forces deployments in support of Nigerian and regional coalition efforts against Boko Haram. Open Briefing is launching a new project that will detail our assessment of key developments in the operations and the evolving nature and effectiveness of the complex coalitions against Boko Haram.

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