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Terms of reference: Strategic planning and facilitation services

Open Briefing is seeking proposals from consultants or organisations to support us with strategic planning and facilitation at our forthcoming away day in central London on 19 and 20 March 2024. You will help us prioritise organisational OKRs for the next 12 months and identify where there is any need for incremental changes to organisational structures and processes to help us deliver our strategy.

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A simple approach to protecting your information: Part 4

In the fourth part of our series on information security, we set out the next step for you to consider: What information security goal do you seek to achieve? This might be confidentiality, integrity, availability, or anonymity. You should decide on a primary goal for each of your most valuable and sensitive information assets. You can then implement security measures to achieve this goal.

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Our impact in 2023

In 2023, we received more calls for assistance from activists, communities, and organisations under threat than ever before. In response, our international team provided over 4,600 hours of direct support and trained over 1,000 defenders across 93 countries. Despite the challenges, those that we supported last year reported an incredible 21% decrease in risk following our work with them.

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We’re hiring! Director of digital and information security [Closed]

Open Briefing is seeking a director to lead our digital and information security team and workstream in order to help build resistance and resilience among the people and communities challenging power. The main focus of this senior role will be on leadership, strategy, growth, and culture. We offer fair pay, sector-leading benefits, and progressive leave policies, including a salary of £70,000 per annum.

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