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Why we scrapped our environmental policy

Our environmental policy - with its green and eco-friendly promises - was inadequate to the scope and scale of the climate emergency. So, we scrapped it. Instead we make three climate action commitments. We commit to being a carbon positive organisation. We commit to supporting the people and communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis. And we commit to inspiring climate action inside and outside our organisation.

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How human rights defenders can use collective protection strategies

Collective protection recognises that the security of human rights defenders is interconnected with the security of those in their network, be it family, friends, colleagues, or neighbours. This main tenet is central to any collective protection strategy; however, the way that any individual strategy is developed will vary, and depend on the mission, profile, context, and needs of the particular defender and their network.

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We’re hiring! Information security consultants

Open Briefing is recruiting information security consultants to help to secure the most-valuable and -sensitive information of organisations and activists fighting for a just and equitable world. To apply, you must have expertise and experience that goes beyond digital security. You will need a proven track record of working in information security roles and with nonprofits, foundations, or activists. We welcome applications from all who meet the person specification and particularly from candidates who are from historically-marginalised communities and are underrepresented in our team.

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Helping human rights defenders and activists cope with anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most-common mental health problems that we can face. It may be especially prevalent among human rights defenders and activists, as our work is often challenging, risky, and focused on critical issues of importance. Those of us in human rights and social justice movements may also be especially reluctant to seek support around our mental health. In this article, our wellbeing team sets out some advice on how you can support yourself and your co-workers experiencing anxiety.

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Our impact in 2022

In 2022, we answered more calls for assistance across more countries than ever before. Our international teams of protection specialists, digital security consultants, and counsellors and psychologists provided nearly 6,000 hours of direct support to civil society organisations and activists under threat in 68 countries.

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Psychological First Aid: Guidance for those supporting activists and advocates at risk

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is an evidence-based approach for assisting people of any age or background in the immediate aftermath of a critical incident or crisis. In this resource, Open Briefing's wellbeing and resilience team offers vital guidance on how to provide PFA to activists and advocates you may be supporting. It also describes common responses to traumatic events and explains self-care measures affected people can follow. It is available online and to download in 10 languages.

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