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Open Briefing launches crowdfunding campaign and new promo video!

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Open Briefing has launched a new crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo!

We currently focus on influencing government policy for the better and making sure that the general public knows what is really going on in the world. But with your help we can go even further than this. We want to help aid workers, human rights defenders, peace activists, civil liberties campaigners, journalists and other civil society actors operate safely and effectively on the ground in complex, hostile or remote areas, such as war zones, disaster areas or under repressive regimes. With your support, we can launch new security and training units to do just that.

Open Briefing is a non-profit social enterprise. Unlike many organisations, we do not take any money from governments or corporations. We rely on the support of volunteers and are funded by charitable grants and public donations. Our new security and training units are groundbreaking, and we want to launch them with the backing of crowdfunding so that they are a truly public enterprise. So please help by supporting our crowdfunding campaign and encouraging your friends, family and colleagues to join you. We have one month to raise £5,000.

And to make your donation go even further, one of our existing funders has agreed to match all donations up to £5,000. So we will receive £20 for every £10 you donate!

You can find more information on our Indigogo page at http://igg.me/at/openbriefing/. You can also watch our new promotional video below.

Many thanks!