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Latest report card for Open Briefing!

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As part of our commitment to full transparency and accountability, we prepare evaluation reports every quarter to assess the progress we have achieved against our published objectives.

We publish these reports in full, uncensored, on our website so our community can hold us to account.

We have now published the evaluation report for October to December 2013 (the first quarter of our third year!). Highlights from these three months include:

  • Open Briefing secured two grants worth £4,000 in total.
  • Open Briefing published the most publications in any quarter since we launched (21).
  • Open Briefing received coverage in five international media outlets.
  • We reached our first intelligence and capacity-sharing agreement with an intelligence and risk consultancy.
  • We launched the Open Briefing blog.
  • We reversed the declining trend in website visitor numbers, with a significant increase on the previous quarter.
  • The Open Briefing marketing strategy and action plan were completed, ready for implementation over 2014.
  • Progress was made on six out of 10 objectives in the last quarter, and overall we are on target with six of our objectives.

But we’re not resting on our laurels! Planned work for the next three months includes intelligence briefings on Qatari support to Sudan, developments in Burma/Myanmar and insecurity and conflict in Africa during 2014.

You can read the full report below.

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Can you support our work over the next three months?