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Developments in unmanned aerial vehicles and armed drones

A roundup of the latest news and developments relating to unmanned aerial vehicles and armed drones. Includes the two-year feasibility study that has been launched by the British and French governments to initiate the development of a joint future unmanned combat air vehicle and news that the United States reportedly now monitors half of its border with Mexico using drones.

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Special forces, mercenaries, cyber warfare, drones and intelligence: Remote-control warfare briefing #7

Monthly briefing from the Open Briefing intelligence unit on developments in remote-control warfare. This month: Afghan policy reversal reinstates special forces night raids; historic verdict in Blackwater Iraq shootings trial could set precedent; United States facing multiple cyber offensives from state and non-state adversaries; and more.

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Intelligence brief: The use of barrel bombs by the Syrian government

Barrel bombs are a type of IED dropped from a helicopter or cargo aircraft. It is estimated that 5-6,000 such bombs have been dropped by the Syrian military since the uprising began, killing at least 20,000 people. This intelligence brief explores the reasons behind the Syrian government's use of these improvised devices and assesses whether targeting helicopter manufacturers or spare-part suppliers might be an effective strategy for international NGOs wishing to put pressure on the Syrian government to end its use of these weapons.

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Intelligence brief: The likely development of Turkish policy towards Syria

Open Briefing: Turkey is highly likely to seek a leading diplomatic role as the end of the Bashar al-Assad regime appears more likely but is unlikely to shut its border with Syria and highly unlikely to be involved in military action on Syrian territory.

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