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Terms of reference: Communications consultant (messaging and storytelling) [Closed]

Open Briefing’s strategy for 2023-26 sets out our bold vision for a just and equitable world. It is based on a clear understanding of how we can bring about transformative change in the context of social injustice, democratic backsliding, and the climate crisis.

Our strategy seeks to transform Open Briefing into a global platform and meet the challenges we face responsibly and sustainable at scale. We are seeking to grow our team, expand and diversify our organisational income, and increase the reach of our support to people and communities challenging power. This requires strategic visibility as well as clear and engaging communication of the issues that we face, our potential solutions, and the impact of our work.

Open Briefing is seeking a communications consultant for the first phase of a three-part marketing communications initiative. The consultant or consulting firm will translate the ambition and approach captured in our strategy into a new and cohesive messaging and storytelling toolbox that will strengthen our outreach to three key audiences: supporters, peers, and service users.

The consultant or consulting firm is expected to submit the following deliverables:

  1. Baseline report and gap analysis relating to our messaging and storytelling with recommendations.
  2. Workshops, focus groups or other consultation and co-development sessions with Open Briefing staff and other relevant stakeholders.
  3. Draft content for a new messaging and storytelling toolbox.
  4. Final messaging and storytelling toolbox, including, but not limited to, tagline, elevator pitch, message map, public narrative, boilerplate text, impact evidence, and a word bank.

The contract, including delivery of the final messaging and storytelling toolbox, is expected to be completed within three months, ideally starting as early as possible in 2024.

Please see the full terms of reference for more information and details of how to apply. We will conduct interviews on a rolling basis until we recruit a suitable consultant. Please submit your application as early as possible.

Terms of reference