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Latest report card from Open Briefing! October-December 2014

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As part of our commitment to full transparency and accountability, we prepare evaluation reports every quarter to assess the progress we have achieved against our published objectives.

We publish these reports in full, uncensored, on our website so our community can hold us to account.

We have just published the evaluation report October-December 2014. Highlights from the last three months include:

  • Open Briefing combined work on remote-control warfare over the past year can now be said to have made a significant intervention in the debates surrounding special operations forces; private military and security companies; unmanned vehicles and autonomous weapons systems; cyber warfare; and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.
  • During this quarter, Open Briefing published a book on Russian airborne forces; briefings on trends in remote-control warfare and the stalled transition in Burma; articles on the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, the succession of Iran’s supreme leader, the transition of power in Burkina Faso, and the failure of Turkey’s Kurdish policy; four weekly briefings and one of our new monthly political and security risk updates; a remote-control warfare monthly briefing; and the first of our new monthly series on transnational organised crime.
  • Open Briefing secured grants totalling £12,470 from the Remote Control project, Marmot Charitable Trust and Philamonic Trust.

You can read the full report below.

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