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Launch of innovative new services and our ambitious strategic plan!

Open Briefing is today launching a complete package of low-cost, high-impact intelligence, security, training and equipment services for organisations and individuals striving for social and environmental justice, particularly those working in or on fragile and conflict-affected states or under repressive regimes. Our new strategic plan sets out how we will deliver on our pledge to protect and inform all those striving for social and environmental justice. It is an ambitious and truly groundbreaking plan, but with your support we can achieve real change.

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Open Briefing to begin offering security, training and equipment to non-profits

There are thousands of ordinary people risking their lives every day to protect people and the planet. We want to help those working in overseas aid, search and rescue, disaster response, humanitarian assistance, human rights, research expeditions and the media operate safely and effectively on the ground in complex, hostile or remote areas, such as war zones, disaster areas or under repressive regimes. We are in the process of launching three new units to do just this.

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Funding news!

Open Briefing is delighted to announce two recent fundraising successes. The Oak Foundation's international human rights programme has awarded us a three-year grant worth £155,000 and the Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation has awarded us a two-year grant worth £25,000. Together, these grants mean we can implement our plans to expand beyond the provision of intelligence to also provide security, training and equipment to help those striving to make the world a better place.

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‘Hostile drones’ report having political impact [Updated]

Following the widespread media coverage of our recent report on the hostile use of civilian drones by non-state actors, our findings are beginning to spur political debate. On 13 January, Paul Flynn MP wrote to the Department of Energy and Climate Change to ask it to review security at nuclear power stations in light of our report. Then on the 19 January, the House of Lords debated the issues raised in our report. The debate was reported on by The Sun, and our report continues to be covered widely by the tech and defence industry press in particular.

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Open Briefing publishes plan for next three years

We have published our project proposal and budget for 2016-19, setting out our ambitious plans for the next three years. In addition to expanding the activities of our existing groundbreaking intelligence unit and policy-orientated think tank, we are also announcing the launch of exciting new security and training units - further increasing our ability to keep civil society actors and concerned citizens safe and informed. However, we can only continue this work with your support; so, please consider making a donation if you are able to do so.

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