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Open Briefing launches 2017-18 annual report

Annual report cover

The nature of our work protecting human rights defenders and humanitarians means that we operate largely behind the scenes. Nonetheless, our new annual report attempts to outline the considerable impact that Open Briefing is having around the world; an impact way beyond what our size and budget would suggest possible.

2017-18 overview

Map of workQuoteThe report also sets out our plans for the next 12 months, including the following programme priorities:

Build new tools to ensure the safety of the most-vulnerable human rights defenders and humanitarians.


Act on requests for support from at-risk and threatened organisations around the world.

And the following organisational priorities:

Double our income from grants and donations.


Increase our earned income by at least 50%.

The extra resources will enable us to expand our permanent staff team and scale up the support and protection that we can provide to the international humanitarian and human rights communities.

We hope that you enjoy reading about our activities over the last year and our plans for the future. If you would like to support our valuable work, please consider making a donation today.