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Open Briefing launches new resources library

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As a non-profit organisation, Open Briefing is committed to disseminating good practice across the NGO community and encouraging organisations to use and adapt freely-available resources before engaging us or another provider for professional support.

As part of this commitment, we have created a new online library of over 150 handpicked resources across safety and security, digital security, wellbeing and resilience and intelligence and research. Each entry in the library includes further information and a link to the resource. Essential resources are highlighted to bring them to your attention.

In addition to browsing the library on our website, you can search by keyword(s) or filter the resources by category and/or tag. This makes it easier to find resources dedicated to specific profiles, such as women human rights defenders, LGBTI individuals or persons with disabilities, or to bring up all the resources covering risk assessments or safeguarding, for example. Try it now!

Have we missed a resource? Please contact us to let us know.

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Click for demo of searching for resources by topic