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Our impact in 2021

Around the world, courageous people and communities are fighting to turn the tide of authoritarianism, environmental destruction, and social injustice. But they face attacks, harassment, and censorship from powerful vested interests. Many pay the ultimate price.

Open Briefing is a vital part of the response. Our ‘holistic security’ support allows human rights defenders and other activists to remain active and effective in local movements. In 2021, our international teams of protection specialists, digital security trainers, and counsellors and psychologists provided over 6,000 hours of direct support to civil society organisations and activists under threat in 41 countries. We also trained over 1,600 defenders in 340 holistic security workshops.

Last year was a time of global pandemic and closing civic space, not least of all with the coup in Myanmar and the fall of Afghanistan. The number of calls for our help nearly trebled compared to the previous year. Despite these challenges, those we worked with reported a 15% increase in capacity and a 14% decrease in risk.

You can read more about the impact we are having around the world in our new Impact Report 2021.