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Prevent/Respond Reference Card

This quick reference card from Open Briefing clearly and concisely sets out the actions that grantmakers can take to help prevent and respond to serious attacks and other emergencies affecting their grantees.

On one side of the card are five actions that grantmakers can take to properly prepare to support their grantees and five actions to encourage grantees to think about holistic security throughout their grant journey. On the other side is a clear protocol for grantmakers to follow in response to an attack on one of their grantees.

The quick reference card will help foundation staff in an emergency to respond appropriately and gather information, then formulate a plan and escalate or refer as required. It is also useful for organisations with local partners that they are supporting.

The Prevent/Respond Reference Card is available in English, French, German, and Dutch. It is designed to be easily printed, and the English version is available in A4 or US letter.

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