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Our impact in 2023

In 2023, we received more calls for assistance from activists, communities, and organisations under threat than ever before. In response, our international team provided over 4,600 hours of direct support and trained over 1,000 defenders across 93 countries. Despite the challenges, those that we supported last year reported an incredible 21% decrease in risk following our work with them.

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Help us protect those on the frontlines of civil society

Open Briefing supports at-risk organisations and activists on the frontlines of civil society around the world. We help them achieve social and environmental change by ensuring their physical, digital and psychological security or through enhancing their campaigns with intelligence and research support. Please consider making a donation to Open Briefing today. Help us protect those who protect others.

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Open Briefing publishes its 2016-17 annual report

Over the last 12 months, Open Briefing has undertaken a diverse range of new activities in a short amount of time, which has required a considerable degree of internal organisational focus. We are proud that during this time we have managed to maintain the level of external activity that we have. We have now published our annual report for 2016-17, which outlines some of our key successes.

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So, how did we do? An evaluation of the last three years of Open Briefing

Open Briefing publishes clear objectives and targets to help drive our development and provide concrete evidence by which we can be held to account by funders and others. During 2012-15, we had 10 objectives covering impact, influence and development. We have now reviewed our progress against these objectives and published an evaluation of our activity over the last three years. In short, we surpassed the target in half of our objectives over 2012-15 and we achieved over 50% of the target for all bar one of the remaining five objectives.

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Fundraising update #2

I am delighted to let you know that we have now raised £13,070 towards our fundraising target of £14,000! It has been truly heartwarming to learn just how valued Open Briefing is. But we now have just 19 days to raise the remaining £930 and secure Open Briefing's future. So if you haven't done so already, please consider making a donation to help us continue our vital work to promote alternatives to armed conflict and protect human rights.

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