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The weekly briefing, 25 October 2017: Nicaragua signs Paris climate accord, Japanese prime minister re-elected, UK grapples with issue of returning ISIS fighters

Political and security risk updates from around the world. This week: Nicaragua signs Paris climate accord, further isolating United States; Japanese prime minister re-elected for fourth term; United Kingdom grapples with issue of ISIS fighters returning from Syria; and more.

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The monthly briefing, December 2014: Civilian rule returns to Burkina Faso, concern over Russia’s territorial expansion, conflict with Islamic State increasingly complex

The first in a new series of monthly political and security risk briefings that have replaced our weekly updates. This month: civilian rule returns to Burkina Faso but armed forces retain considerable power; concern over territorial expansion after Russia signs treaty with Georgian breakaway territory of Abkhazia; conflict with Islamic State in Syria becomes increasingly complex; and more.

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Strategic Order of Battle: Russian Airborne Forces

This handbook from Open Briefing provides an in-depth look at the ongoing transformation of Russia’s airborne forces, together with a strategic order of battle that details personnel and equipment levels for each of Russia’s four airborne divisions, four independent air assault brigades, Spetsnaz regiment, headquarters units and training division. As such, it represents the most detailed open source intelligence on Russia’s airborne forces available today.

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The weekly briefing, 2 December 2013

Political and security risk updates from the Open Briefing intelligence unit. Nigerian Army kills Boko Haram fighters in air strike, political divisions reopen in Thailand, Iran and the P5+1 reach agreement, and more.

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