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The monthly briefing, December 2014: Civilian rule returns to Burkina Faso, concern over Russia’s territorial expansion, conflict with Islamic State increasingly complex

The first in a new series of monthly political and security risk briefings that have replaced our weekly updates. This month: civilian rule returns to Burkina Faso but armed forces retain considerable power; concern over territorial expansion after Russia signs treaty with Georgian breakaway territory of Abkhazia; conflict with Islamic State in Syria becomes increasingly complex; and more.

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Press release: New report calls for assertive diplomacy from Israel

Open Briefing has published a briefing paper calling for for more assertive diplomacy from Israel and a change in it’s current posturing, particularly in relation to the Palestinians, Iran and erstwhile allies, such as Turkey.

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Seizing the initiative: Israel’s strategic environment and the need for assertive diplomacy

Open Briefing: Israel’s strategic neighbourhood is in flux and Netanyahu’s second government has responded with reactive cautiousness. However, this dynamic calls instead for more assertive diplomacy and therefore a change in Israel’s current posturing.

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