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Shaun Martinez

Shaun Martinez is a security risk management consultant at Open Briefing. Shaun has over 20 years’ experience working on the safety and security of human rights defenders and activists and supporting the victims of human rights violations. He has a keen interest in the rights of marginalised defenders and activists, including LGBTIQ+ activists, sex workers, women’s rights activists, and disability rights activists, and where these discriminations intersect with race and poverty to create even greater challenges. Shaun has worked with organisations across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. He has worked for the UN, the EU, and the International Commission of Jurists. And he has provided international protective accompaniment to human rights defenders in Colombia and Nepal with Peace Brigades International. Shaun is a volunteer case worker for LGBTIQ+ refugees and asylum seekers with Portsmouth City of Sanctuary.

Molly Rose Freeman Cyr

Molly Rose Freeman Cyr is a security risk management consultant at Open Briefing. Molly focusses on protecting human rights defenders and civil society organisations through risk assessments, trainings, and protection planning. She has previously worked with Front Line Defenders, the International Federation for Human Rights, and the 11th Hour Project to support defenders and organisations at risk, particularly in West and Central Africa. Molly holds a degree in peace and justice studies and a master’s degree in international peace studies. She speaks English and French.

Juan Goyanes

Juan Goyanes is a security risk management consultant at Open Briefing. Juan is a logistics and security professional with nearly 20 year’s experience in the humanitarian sector. He has worked with Médecins Sans Frontières and Action Against Hunger in emergencies and programmes in conflict situations, nutritional emergencies, epidemics, and refugees crises in Africa, Asia, and South America. In recent years, he has provided training and support to indigenous defenders organisations and has led several projects on the integration of mobile technologies and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to improve security follow-up. Originally from Madrid, Juan is a native Spanish speaker and fluent in Portuguese and English.

Araba Cole

Araba Cole is a security risk management consultant at Open Briefing. She was previously the global roving security adviser at the Norwegian Refugee Council, supporting humanitarian operations across Africa and the Middle East. Araba worked in Afghanistan between 2015 and 2018 as a security manager for NRC, a security delegate for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and a safety adviser for the International NGO Safety Organisation. Prior to that, she served as a military engineer and team medic in the British Army for five years. Araba holds certificates in close protection and advanced first aid and a degree in archeology.

Khalil Sayyad Hilario

Khalil Sayyad Hilario is a security risk management consultant at Open Briefing. Khalil began his career working as an investigative journalist in Palestine uncovering Israeli war crimes. After being kidnapped, he moved into the humanitarian sector, and was, until 2014, the deputy logistics director for Médecins sans Frontières. He also previously served as MSF’s country director in Iraq, programs director in Haiti, and logistics coordinator in Ivory Coast, Sudan, and DR Congo. In the last six years, he has focussed on security risk management, and has supported journalists, human rights defenders, and humanitarians in the Central African Republic, DR Congo, Burundi, Burkina Faso, South Sudan, Kenya, Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and the Balkans. Khalil is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, and currently lives in France.

Dylan Ramshaw

Dylan Ramshaw is the acting director of safety and security at Open Briefing. Dylan manages key client relationships and both client and grant-funded projects. He also provides expert support to high-risk individuals and organisations with assessment and analysis, planning, and training. He has worked across Latin America, Africa, and Asia for 15 years, including 10 years managing NGO field operations and projects in complex and insecure environments. Dylan has an Executive MSc in international strategy and diplomacy from LSE. He is fluent in Spanish and English.

Michel Gonzalez Brun

Michel Gonzalez Brun is a security risk management consultant at Open Briefing. He has a strong learning and development background, and had previously worked in education on long-term development programmes in Chile, Portugal, Syria, Tanzania, Vietnam, and Venezuela. He moved into the humanitarian sector in 2016, and was the security training coordinator at RedR UK for nearly two years. Since then, he has provided security risk management support to LGBT+ activists, human rights defenders, and humanitarian aid workers in Ethiopia, Liberia, Mauritius, Namibia, Sudan, Uganda, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, France, and Greece. Michel has a master’s degree in international development and education from the UCL Institute of Education. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Dan Williamson

Dan Williamson is a security risk management consultant at Open Briefing. Dan supports private foundations, international NGOs, individual defenders, and community organisations, particularly those at extreme risk or with complex needs. Dan has completed over 25 security audits, developed over 30 security risk management frameworks, and is a lead contributor to our series of open resources for human rights defenders. Dan served as our safety and security lead between 2017 and 2022. Before joining Open Briefing, Dan worked in the humanitarian and development sector for 10 years. He was the first global security manager for Marie Stopes International, where he previously served as the South Sudan country director. He also worked as interim head of mission, project coordinator, and operations manager in Zimbabwe, Darfur, and Iraq for Médecins Sans Frontières and as a project manager in Swaziland for PSI. Dan currently lives in Southeast Asia.