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The Defender’s Protocol is now available in Burmese / ကာကွယ်သူလုပ်ထုံးလုပ်နည်းနှင့် ကျင့်ဝတ် ကိုမြန်မာဘာသာဖြင့်ရရှိနိုင်သည်

There is an urgent need for concise and effective security resources to support targeted pro-democracy activists and journalists in Myanmar. In response, Open Briefing has published its Holistic Security Protocol for Human Rights Defenders in Burmese. Now available in 22 languages, the Defender’s Protocol helps civic actors at risk advance their physical safety, digital security, and wellbeing and resilience.

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v2.0 of the Defender’s Protocol is available now in 21 languages plus a new online handbook!

Open Briefing has today published an updated version of the Holistic Security Protocol for Human Rights Defenders. The new version of the Defender’s Protocol is available now in 21 languages. We have also published a Handbook to accompany the Defender’s Protocol. This offers extensive guidance, exercises and templates to help defenders implement the 21 holistic security measures in the Protocol and adapt them to their situation, work, and profile.

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Resources for protest leaders and aid workers added to Holistic Security Toolkit

We have added protest leaders and aid workers to the list of communities covered by our Holistic Security Toolkit. The Toolkit is a curated library of essential resources for specific communities of at-risk civic actors. The third-party resources can be filtered by one or more of the following variables: Language (English, Spanish), Community (Women human rights defenders, LGBT+ activists, Environmental defenders, Freelance journalists, Protest leaders, Aid workers) or Domain (Safety and security, Digital security, Wellbeing and resilience).

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Launch of three new programmes

Open Briefing is launching three exciting new programmes: funded support, open resources, and collaboration and engagement. Together with our long-standing consultancy and training programme, these new programmes will help us achieve our mission to defend, strengthen and empower those on the frontlines of civil society.

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Open Briefing launches new resources library

We have created a new online library of over 150 handpicked resources across safety and security, digital security, wellbeing and resilience and intelligence and research. In addition to browsing the library on our website, you can search by keyword(s) or filter the resources by category and/or tag - making it easier to find the information you are looking for.

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