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Free security risk management workshops for NGOs and charities

Effective security risk management is the key to keeping staff and partners safe while working in increasingly violent contexts and within increasingly restricted civic spaces. Open Briefing now offers NGOs and charities free 3-hour workshops covering duty of care, security risk assessments, security plans, crisis management and more.

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The risk environment in Russia for Western NGOs and foundations

This briefing sets out the general risk environment within which personnel from Western NGOs and foundations will be operating in Russia. The operating environment for human rights defenders and civil society activists in Russia has become even more constrained. Many activists have been subject to harassment and violence. Furthermore, the Russian president has repeatedly expressed his fear that Western countries use NGOs to manipulate Russian public opinion in order to stir up popular discontent.

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Stalled hope? The resource conflict risk to Myanmar’s political and economic transition

In 2011, Myanmar's quasi-civilian government initiated one of the most ambitious economic and political transformation campaigns of the last 50 years. The reformist agenda has the potential to steer Myanmar away from insecurity and economic stagnation. But it will be difficult to leverage significant endowments of natural resources to achieve sustainable security, lasting political settlements with ethnic states and economic growth that supports human development. As such, this briefing paper assesses the trajectory and significance of resource conflict risks and threat multipliers in Myanmar.

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Intelligence brief: Internal security risk assessment for Greece, autumn 2013

Internal security risk assessment for Greece. Assesses the political violence risk (high), civil unrest risk (medium) and crime risk (high). Includes discussion of the wave of attacks by anarchist organisations and the rising petty crime levels following the introduction of austerity measures.

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