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How Israel should approach Iran’s nuclear programme

In this article for the Jerusalem Post, Open Briefing Middle East analyst Kevjn Lim proposes a controversial three-part strategy to strengthen Israel's 'Iron Wall' by bringing a nuclear-threshold Iran under firm international constraints, restoring Israel’s conventional deterrence, and closing the gap with Israel’s closest allies.

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Press release: New report calls for assertive diplomacy from Israel

Open Briefing has published a briefing paper calling for for more assertive diplomacy from Israel and a change in it’s current posturing, particularly in relation to the Palestinians, Iran and erstwhile allies, such as Turkey.

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Seizing the initiative: Israel’s strategic environment and the need for assertive diplomacy

Open Briefing: Israel’s strategic neighbourhood is in flux and Netanyahu’s second government has responded with reactive cautiousness. However, this dynamic calls instead for more assertive diplomacy and therefore a change in Israel’s current posturing.

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Intelligence brief: What is the probability of an Israeli strike against Iran in the six months following the 2012 US presidential election?

Open Briefing: An Israeli strike against Iran is highly unlikely between the US presidential elections in November 2012 and the Israeli elections in January 2013, and unlikely between January and the Iranian presidential elections in June 2013.

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