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How Israel should approach Iran’s nuclear programme

In this article for the Jerusalem Post, Open Briefing Middle East analyst Kevjn Lim proposes a controversial three-part strategy to strengthen Israel's 'Iron Wall' by bringing a nuclear-threshold Iran under firm international constraints, restoring Israel’s conventional deterrence, and closing the gap with Israel’s closest allies.

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A witching hour deal and the morning after: The Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal

The nuclear deal inked in Geneva between Iran and the P5+1 in the early hours of 24 November momentarily closed the curtains on a decade of painful suspense. In this article, Open Briefing contributing analyst Kevjn Lim disassembles the agreement and assesses its implications for Iran and the wider region.

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The weekly briefing, 18 November 2013

Political and security risk updates from the Open Briefing intelligence desks. Gambia severs diplomatic ties with Taiwan, Polish far-right groups turn violent, confidence in the Geneva talks between the P5+1 and Iran fading, and more.

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Intelligence brief: Recent nuclear-related developments at the Parchin military complex, Iran

Open Briefing: Recent developments at Iran's Parchin military complex centre on apparent sanitisation and landscaping efforts around a suspected explosives chamber, which suggest it is highly likely any nuclear-related activities at PMC have been suspended.

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