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A guide to insurance for NGOs operating in violent environments

Insurance is an important form of risk management for NGOs that might not be able to bear a significant unplanned financial loss resulting from a security or medical incident in the field. Yet, engaging with brokers and insurers to purchase the right insurance policies can be a confusing and sometimes frustrating process. To help, we have republished our guide from 2018 and included Arabic, German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations kindly provided by the volunteers at Charity Translators.

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Open Briefing now offers medical and crisis response travel insurance for high-risk destinations

Humanitarian aid workers, journalists and others travelling to high-risk destinations and hostile environments often find it difficult and expensive to obtain suitable travel insurance. Open Briefing is pleased to announce that it now offers specialist medical and crisis response travel insurance. This specialist plan automatically includes cover for war and terrorism and covers every country in the world – even those countries with travel advisories in effect.

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