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A guide to insurance for NGOs operating in violent environments

Insurance is an important form of risk management for NGOs that might not be able to bear a significant unplanned financial loss resulting from a security or medical incident in the field. Yet, engaging with brokers and insurers to purchase the right insurance policies can be a confusing and sometimes frustrating process. To help, we have republished our guide from 2018 and included German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations kindly provided by the volunteers at Charity Translators.

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A new quick reference card for foundations supporting grantees in attacks and other emergencies

Progressive grantmakers are increasingly keen to foster the safety and resilience of their grantees in the face of increased attacks, harassment, and censorship. As has been shown in Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, grantmakers' resources, connections, and influence, mean that they are also frequently called upon to respond to serious attacks and other emergencies affecting their grantees. To support grantmakers in these roles, we have distilled our experiences supporting the safety and resilience of foundations and their grantees around the world into a quick reference card.

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Resources for protest leaders and aid workers added to Holistic Security Toolkit

We have added protest leaders and aid workers to the list of communities covered by our Holistic Security Toolkit. The Toolkit is a curated library of essential resources for specific communities of at-risk civic actors. The third-party resources can be filtered by one or more of the following variables: Language (English, Spanish), Community (Women human rights defenders, LGBT+ activists, Environmental defenders, Freelance journalists, Protest leaders, Aid workers) or Domain (Safety and security, Digital security, Wellbeing and resilience).

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The Holistic Security Protocol for Human Rights Defenders

Open Briefing has today launched the Holistic Security Protocol for Human Rights Defenders. The Defender’s Protocol will help at-risk defenders around the world advance their physical safety, digital security, and wellbeing and resilience. By following the protocol, defenders can enhance their individual and collective security, and reduce the burden of attacks, harassment, and censorship on them and their communities.

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