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The monthly briefing, December 2014: Civilian rule returns to Burkina Faso, concern over Russia’s territorial expansion, conflict with Islamic State increasingly complex

The first in a new series of monthly political and security risk briefings that have replaced our weekly updates. This month: civilian rule returns to Burkina Faso but armed forces retain considerable power; concern over territorial expansion after Russia signs treaty with Georgian breakaway territory of Abkhazia; conflict with Islamic State in Syria becomes increasingly complex; and more.

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The weekly briefing, 28 April 2014

Political and security risk updates from the Open Briefing intelligence unit. US president sheds light on strategic interests in the Asia-Pacific during regional tour, peace talks between Israel and Palestinian Authority come to halt following reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas, Russian president holds special meeting on Arctic policy, and more.

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The weekly briefing, 27 January 2014

Political and security risk updates from the Open Briefing intelligence unit. South Sudan government and rebel forces sign ceasefire agreement, India and Japan seek agreement on civilian nuclear cooperation, the IMO finalises draft Polar Code for Arctic shipping, and more.

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Intelligence brief: The likelihood and potential impacts of alternative South Sudan oil pipelines

Open Briefing: Reports that construction of an alternative oil pipeline from South Sudan to Port Lamu, Kenya, will begin in October 2013 are overly optimistic and on-schedule pipeline construction is unlikely. However, Juba is highly likely to continue to seek alternatives to the existing pipeline to Port Sudan, Sudan.

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Intelligence brief: An assessment of the states and institutions well placed to provide significant financial relief to Sudan

Open Briefing: Sudan's economy faces potential collapse. However, its current risk profile will deter many lenders from issuing new loans. As such, debt relief will most likely be the dominant form of any financial relief provided to Sudan.

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