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Security plans

A bespoke security plan from Open Briefing sets out the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and contingency plans that staff should follow in order to reduce and respond to threats to them and their work.

SOPs set out how staff can reduce the likelihood of threats occurring. SOPs typically cover how different staff are responsible for and should respond to, among other things:

  • Field travel (convoys, checkpoints and RTAs)
  • Direct and indirect fire
  • Demonstrations and civil unrest
  • Armed robbery, theft or carjacking
  • Landmines, UXOs and IEDs
  • Communications
  • Information security
  • Incident reporting
  • Office security
  • Fire safety
  • Cash management

Contingency plans set out what staff should do in order to reduce the impact of a serious incident. A security plan from Open Briefing typically includes scenario- and programme-based contingencies for:

  • Different scenarios
  • Hibernation
  • Suspension
  • Relocation
  • Evacuation
  • Medical evacuation
NGO staff need to know how to reduce the likelihood of threats occurring and what to do when things go wrong. That is the job of a security plan.Click To Tweet

Open Briefing works hard to understand the operating environment and the profile of the individual or organisation that we are assessing and the work that they will be undertaking. As such, we usually develop security plans following a context assessment and risk assessment. We frequently produce packages containing a context assessment, risk assessment, security plan and crisis management plan as country security packs for organisations.

We have recently produced security plans for:

  • Country programmes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Nigeria and Ukraine for a US human rights organisation protecting civilians in conflict.
  • A local human rights organisation investigating war crimes in Liberia.
  • A Swiss foundation working with anti-poaching initiatives in southern Africa.

Please contact us to discuss your security plan needs.

“Open Briefing’s review of the security plan for our at-risk local partner was of the highest quality and very helpful.”
Lisa-Marie Rudi, Programme Officer, Civitas Maxima

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