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Wellbeing and resilience

“Open Briefing built positive and engaging relationships between our staff, our leadership, and our partners. We felt comfortable asking questions, making mistakes, and figuring things out together. We want this experience for every organisation. Thank you, Open Briefing!”

Privacy International

Poor wellbeing and resilience are very real dangers among activists and advocates or those working in closed civic spaces and high-stress or violent environments. Collectively, poor wellbeing can even undermine the effectiveness and sustainability of organisations and movements.

Our wellbeing and resilience support can empower your team and organisation to prevent such problems and respond to needs should they occur:

We understand the stressors and risks unique to our sector. Our team of psychologists, counsellors, and coaches all have backgrounds in human rights movements or humanitarian action. They are multilingual and culturally sensitive, and are either based in or have extensive field experience across the global south.

Through assessments, capacity building, and mental health and psychosocial support, we can help you look after your organisation’s greatest asset: its people.

Open Briefing is a member of the Association of Mental Health Providers and the Mental Health Innovation Network. All our psychologists, counsellors, and coaches are accredited by the relevant governing bodies. Our counselling services are GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Open Briefing holds worldwide professional indemnity and malpractice insurance.

Open Briefing is a certified social enterprise and a member of
the CIVICUS global civil society alliance and the Vuka! coalition