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Wellbeing policy frameworks

A good wellbeing framework is the foundation upon which the individual and collective wellbeing of colleagues can be built and maintained, and is a key part of ensuring your organisation meets its duty of care.

A framework consists of a policy, a procedure, and a set of resources as follows:

  • The policy sets out your approach to wellbeing and the commitments that you make to staff and other stakeholders.
  • The procedure operationalises the policy by setting out what happens before, during, and after employment.
  • The resources help you implement the procedure, and include any agreed psychosocial support and health and wellbeing resources.

We will collaboratively build this framework for your organisation based on sector best practice, your organisation’s capacity and available resources, and an assessment of the stressors unique to your team, context, and mission. We can then help you implement it through training, coaching, and peer support programmes, for example.

For organisations, the return on investment of workplace wellbeing interventions is overwhelmingly positive. A systematic review carried out by Deloitte, suggests a ROI of over 4:1 due to reduced absenteeism, presenteeism, and staff turnover.

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