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Wellbeing training

We provide a range of remote and in-person trainings to capacity-build leaders and others with wellbeing responsibilities within organisations, such as peer supporters, as well as to strengthen the resilience of teams and movements:

Our trainers always tailor the delivery and material to the situation, work, and profile of those participating. Our trainings are available variously in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic. We can deliver each training as one or more 90-minute introductory webinars or three-hour in-person or remote workshops, depending on your location and preference.

Open Briefing is a member of the Association of Mental Health Providers and the Mental Health Innovation Network. All our psychologists, counsellors, and coaches are accredited by the relevant governing bodies. Our counselling services are GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Open Briefing holds worldwide professional indemnity and malpractice insurance.

Open Briefing is a certified social enterprise and a member of
the CIVICUS global civil society alliance and the Vuka! coalition